1. Habitat! Migrating snowies are tolerant of each other at times, and even social. But ultimately this is a game off survival. Snow owls are silent, stealthy, patient, solo predators. They need space and ideally no other owls are anywhere nearby to mess up their game. It takes self assurance and confidence to be willing to chase other owls off of a temporary habitat.

      These are two males. The females are much larger and do most of the bullying and pushing during the early migration. But after the female who had controlled this area moved on, a young male who had somehow patiently remained in her good graces inherited it. In this scene a new male had just arrived. There was a lot of posturing before this fight irrupted. They tussled in the air a few times, each trying to claim the beach. The interloper soon moved on, probably realizing that the defending male was deadly serious about his precious habitat!


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