Welcome To The Neighborhood: Octavius Rex and Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Brood #02A

Welcome to the neighborhood, babies.

And a special congratulations to little Octavius Rex. He worked so hard for this.

For those of you who followed along on The Little Egg Cam and saw the hatch of Octavius Rex and Jennifer Jason Leigh’s nest #02A, I thought you might want to see the babies up close. These photos are from their banding, right after their hatch and right before the storm.

I’m pretty sure not all of them survived. But if any of you have walked along the inlet since the storm and have seen a very tiny, sand colored bird peeping really, really loudly at you, well… that would be Octavius Rex. And his extreme defensiveness and attempts to control the inlet entirely suggest that he’s hiding something. That something would be at least one of these babies. But they need their space right now. There will be time to figure it all out. So we’ll just take the behavior of ORex and JJL as a hopeful sign that something good is taking place out there in the park right now.

Lost to the storm or not, their tiny lives mattered and they are a part of the history of Plover Park.

Twinsies. Our fearless leaders, head honchos, and NJ’s Official Beach Nest Bird Co-Moms Kashi Davis and Emily Heiser search the park for their first look at Octavius Rex’s little doodles. They wanted his dream to come true as much as he did. If you see one of these women, say something really, really nice. It is tough to imagine all of the tiny tragedies they are trying to manage right now in the wake of the storm.
Mr. Anybody, so safe and warm in skilled Emily’s hands. He fell asleep with his little face in his foot.
How does Kashi manage to care for over 108 pairs of endangered piping plovers trying to survive on the busy beaches of the Jersey Shore? Not to mention all of the other species she and Emily are responsible for? By loving every single one them. Even Dr. Meow Meow Meow. And especially Cornflake S. Pecially.
I wish we could have held them in our hands all weekend.

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