Year Twelve

Happy Anniversary everyone. This evening, Readings From The Northside is officially twelve years old.

I genuinely believe that those of you who’ve had the heart, the stomach, and the patience to follow along are extraordinary creatures. I know I can barely take it sometimes. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m thankful that you do.

Thanks to everyone who ever read a post, left a comment, or a rating (five star only of course, screw you four-star haters!), or otherwise made the Readings something more than me just screaming into the cold, dark void. 

“Community” is my absolute least favorite word, but I must say I’m very proud of our little one here. The fact that we can discuss some painful, complicated, important things without going off the rails brings me so much joy, hope, and inspiration; I can barely stand it.

To celebrate, I’ve dug deep into the archives and pulled out one of my earliest… films?

Twelve years is a long time, and anniversaries are exceptional. But in the end? Well, it’s just another day at the buk buk.

Happy Anniversary. Just Another Day at The Buk Buk.


Celebrate twelve years of RFTNS with twelve of its classic photos featured in The Little Egg Foundation’s 2022 calendar. RFTNS is twelve now, and NestStory is almost six. Help my beloved NestStory make it to twelve too! NestStory is where this thing has been heading the whole time. We’ve transformed coastal nonsense into actual coastal stewardship. It’s almost unbelievable! Please support NestStory with a donation today and get your 2022 calendar.

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  1. I remember those Buk buk stories back when I was a lurker. Here’s to 12 more years! Keep writing because LBI wouldn’t be the same without Readings. Thank you, Jim.


  2. That’s a great video. And congratulations on your anniversary. I have a bird bath in my back yard (no pictures or videos). My sister gave it a good scrubbing this year, but the birds wouldn’t use it. Then someone told us that they like it dirty, so we threw in some stones from the yard. Sure enough, a robin came the next day and took a bath! He has been coming regularly most evenings for a bath or a drink.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the BUK BUK!!! Thanks for dusting off this oldie but GOODIE! Happy Anniversary and thank you for including us all❤️


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