Jimin & Maya Hatch All Four!

Congratulations to Jimin & Maya. They successfully hatched their full clutch of four eggs. It was touch and go there for a bit. As the day dragged on, the three young ones began leaving the nest and it started feeling like that fourth egg just wasn’t going to hatch.

But then, right on the 3PM broadcast, something adorable came wiggling out of that fourth egg. It was a miraculous and very rare thing to watch. I was thrilled to be broadcasting it live! That is, until I realized my previous update to the Little Egg Foundation homepage had left it blank and no one could see anything. A little miracle taking place, and I was the only one watching. Botched it!

Thankfully, I did have the presence of mind to record my screen. The quality of this video is truly awful: this one is only for the diehards. I suggest pinching and zooming this one, or even saving it down and blowing it up. But it’s pretty darn cute. The baby is literally wiggling and squeezing itself out of a hole in the egg.

To make up for it, here is a tiny clip from this morning of the newly hatched babies enjoying their first morning on the beach:

Tune in at https://www.little-egg.org for the 5PM broadcast. The fourth chick is still drying in the nest bowl, and the first three chicks have just returned to the nest to help snuggle their newest sibling.

I’ll try to broadcast every half hour on the half hour until they are gone. This will be their last few moments at the nest. Soon they’ll begin wandering the wild beaches of Barnegat Light in a race to pack on as many calories as possible before it is time to fly to the Bahamas for the winter.

Godspeed, babies.

Vist https://www.little-egg.org


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