Flippin’ Out Over Jo Durt’s Hatch Day

It’s Jo Durt & Kids On Grass of Bonnet Island’s estimated hatch day, so obviously, everybody’s flippin’ out.

Of course, we should be flippin’ out because every hatch is a joyous occasion. But we’re also flippin’ out because this is the first time a Little Egg Cam has been used to determine when the nest was laid. That information was then used to calculate the estimated hatch date, and then the hatch was also confirmed by the cam. So if what it looks like is happening on cam today (hatch!) is the reality, then the Little Egg Cam nailed it. This hints at a bright future, as watching nests with discreet, affordable, real-time cameras is obviously less work and less disturbance for the birds, but it’s also more timely and accurate. It’s a win, win, win, win.

And apparently, expectant dad Kids On Grass is flippin’ out, too, only not for the reason you might assume.

The celebratory mood was soiled somewhat this morning when another interloping falcon suddenly appeared at the nest and started an attack at the worst possible time. The situation is eerily similar to what happened earlier this spring when Special Agent Dale Cooper showed up right as the pair started to lay and got beaten down hard by his stepdad, Kids On Grass, ultimately winding up in rehab for weeks.

This time, we get to see the interloper from the perspective of the Bonnet Island Falcon Tower. In this short film, Kids On Grass suddenly appears at the nest in quite a panic just as Jo Durt’s eggs begin to hatch. Jo assesses the situation and decides he can handle it. However, the interloper repeatedly threatens Kids On Grass with diving attacks for over an hour. He responds by flipping upside down to defend with his feet.

After a while, Kids On Grass starts to falter, and they soon both disappear from the camera.

One hour later, in a scene freakishly similar to the story of Special Agent Dale Cooper told earlier this spring, Kids On Grass reappears, only now soaking wet and drying his wings in the wind.

Kids On Grass’s main move appears to be flipping out and giving interlopers a good dunk in Barnegat Bay. Intruders, be warned.

So the burning question is: could this intruder have been Special Agent Dale Cooper returning from rehab? No one can say. The interloper never landed on the platform, so there was no chance to look for bands. I did run over to the tower to scan the Bay for any floating falcons, but it was a needle in haystack situation. I found nothing.

And so it will remain a mystery who this bird was and what became of it.

But as Special Agent Dale Cooper once said on Twin Peaks:

I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Here is a short compilation of this morning’s action at the Bonnet Island Falcon Cam. Congratulations to these celebrity Peregrines, Jo Durt & Kids On Grass. 

Tomorrow could be a very special Mother’s Day.


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