Stevies’ Mustaches

Fleetwood Mac’s late 1970s aesthetic is best remembered for the contrast of its dark, hairy men and flowy blonde women. But even many fans still don’t realize that Stevie Nicks herself sported a dark mustache at one time.

Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s. Hairy & Flowy.

This is understandable because photos and film were relatively low resolution in those days. But we can now clearly see for ourselves thanks to digital imaging enhancement techniques.

Computer: enhance Stevie. Enhance more! Enhance!!11!!”

Similarly, no one had noticed the adorably impressive mustache sported by Plover Park’s new beauty Stevie Nicks until she was seen up close during her banding yesterday.

Kashi Davis & Emily Heiser of NJFW, the two moms of New Jersey’s beach-nesters. Can you tell from this photo who the good mom/cop and who the bad mom/cop is when I complained they put Stevie in the bag too early because she probably wanted to “meet” me first?

It wasn’t until Stevie came out of the bag and was in hand for her banding and checkup that her dark little secret also came out.

Emily is stunned by Stevie’s beauty and handsome little mustache and really glad she maintained her commitment to banding the new adults of Plover Park.
Emily can’t stop staring. Bri also looks stunned by her beauty while she measures Stevie, but is actually thinking about all of the nests she’s found. Here she thinks, “How come I found that nest yesterday, and Jim & Todd didn’t find any nests at all?”
“I found your nest too, Stevie! How come I found it and Northside Jim missed it twice in a row?”
Here Bri is definitely thinking about Stevie as she releases a healthy, freshly banded Stevie back to the wild with a new ambassador role for her species.

I know, I know. I’m not supposed to make jokes or tell happy stories about skilled experts with stacks of permits working with healthy endangered birds as part of their recovery. I’m not supposed to show them smiling, enjoying their work, and genuinely loving these birds to the point of tears and giggles. It’s serious business, and I may be sending the wrong message. But I can’t help it. Like Stevies’ mustaches, it is a hidden secret too wonderful not to celebrate and enhance.

Thanks to Kashi, Emily, and Bri for another successful banding of Plover Park’s next generation of pairs. I hope this is the first line in a song we’ll be listening to for years. 

Stevie Nicks
“Computer! Enhance mustache!!!”


  1. I don’t know what goes on at Plover Park, but the birds are always stunners! Stevie joins a long line of beauties from this site. Welcome, our sweet mustached sprite!


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