Relocated V

This is Part IV of Relocated.
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Relocated, Part V: Interlude, Movie Night


Put simply, the spring of 2018 was a happy one at Seaview. After a tense winter of wondering if Pierre & Natasha would find the new igloo waiting for them at Seaview, and considering what the options and consequences might be if they didn’t, there was finally news that the peregrine had suddenly appeared on the water tower again. Soon after, that they were investigating the igloo. And not long after that, that three eggs had magically appeared.

When Kathy & Mike installed the igloo on that November morning in Seaview, they had added a a tiny, discreet spy camera to it. The good people at Seaview ran with it, and soon wired the camera up to computer with a large monitor in the attic just off the roof.

Karl & Mary at Seaview caught the peregrine fever, and soon started watching closely over the pair, helping to confirm that they were indeed Pierre and Natasha, and that they had, in fact, been relocated.

I made the short film you are about to see that spring. It is actually the story of another, completely different relocation. But embedded in it is footage from that happy time at Seaview. You’ll see the smiling faces of Mary and Ted, as they excitedly appear with a tablet full of video of Natasha, Pierre, and their brood. You’ll see Karl, relaxed and smiling, and allowing us to chaotically take over his offices to help relocate some orphaned chicks to the nest. You’ll see Natasha feeding the young; not just her own, but the orphans as well.

And you’ll hear Kathy attribute the success of all of this to the experienced parenting of Natasha & Pierre.

I have not watched this film in a long time, and it just made me weep twice. Once for the sad story of Mama Durt which is its subject; but a second time out of a deep appreciation for Seaview and what they’ve done for the homeless Natasha & Pierre.

No one had to do this. But they did, and they did it joyfully; with tremendous compassion and generosity.

If you ever fear that the world is turning its back on the underdog peregrine, watch this film and see the smiling faces of good people who love animals and are happy to pick up the slack and find solutions.

Cheers to the Karl, Mary, Ted, and to all the saviors at Seaview. Cheers to the Relocation.

Enjoy the movie. This one has all the feels.

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