Collect All 6, Maybe 8: Stacy


There is not a lot to say about Stacy that won’t sound like an exact repeat of everything said about Tatiana already. Because Stacy too is exceptionally bold and beautiful. They are a perfect pair on just about every level.

Stacy is roguishly handsome. In the same way that Tatiana’s beauty flows from her paleness and lack of dark banding, Stacy is distinguished by the exact opposite: thick, dark markings. Just look at that headband! It’s like a huge mustache on his forehead. You can spot Stacy a mile away, long before you can read his tiny bands. He is truly exceptional.

And as much as I, and others, love to gush about Tatiana’s astounding fearlessness, in all of those incredible episodes where she demonstrated extreme bravery, Stacy was right there with her, every step of the way. These two are truly a piece of work.

Finding Stacy’s nest was not easy. I had two epically long standoffs with him, both of which he won easily. But by a stroke of luck, I caught him near his new nest and I saw the most subtle look of agitation in his little plover poker face. So I played a little game of hot-and-cold with him. At one point I knew I was getting cold, so I tilted and moved just a little to the left, and boom, I knew I had him.

You probably know that plovers, once their incredible camouflage fails them, have really only one move: the broken wing defense. They essentially flail around in the sand pretending they are injured or dying. Once they have caught your attention, they slowly lead you away from their eggs or chicks or whatever it is they might be trying to protect from you. It is a simple game of misdirection.

But not Stacy. The moment I banked and turned towards his egg (which I could not yet see), Stacy did the exact opposite of what most plovers do, and he ran and stood directly between me and his egg, then proceeded to let out the loudest peep I have ever heard. He didn’t try to misdirect me… he tried to straight up block and intimidate me. Unbelievable!

Stacy & Tatiana were very lucky to find each other, and even more lucky to find each other in Todd Pover’s Plover Park in 2020. They got in on the ground floor of the greatest habitat on the coast in only its second season. It’s like the two of them bought Bitcoins back when they were $1, or loaded up on Apple stock in the 90s, or bought multiple oceanside tracts on LBI in the 1960s. And they were only naive one year olds back in 2020. We should all fully expect they’ll have a long and storied career here.

But it won’t be easy for Stacy & Tatiana this season. With Giant’s Bane, the experienced baby snatcher, just to the east of them, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, the experienced accomplice baby snatcher, just to the west, they are going to have to fight for every inch of habitat for their chicks this year. Will Stacy’s grace, humility, and general decency keep him from achieving his dreams with Tatiana? Or will their boldness pay off somehow and help them climb the next rung of the ladder of Plover Park?

Stay tuned. Because there is never a dull moment in Todd Pover’s Plover Park. That’s for sure!

If you like to bet on the hot up-and-comer, like getting in the ground floor of greatness, and just can’t get enough of the boldness and beauty of youth, then Stacy might just be your bias.

Fun Fact #1:

Stacy is a local. In fact, he was born at the very rare Loveladies nest back in 2019, which some of you might know from the “Larry Loves Ladies” series, and my presentation by the same name.

Fun Fact #2:

Stacy is also a Fast Times At Ridgemont High baby because his mom was Phoebe Cates, who nested with Stacy’s dad after Pete McLain “kicked her to the curb.” And remember, Phoebe Cates is Octavius Rex’s grandma! So wait, that’s crazy…. if Phoebe Cates is Stacy’s mom (haha “Stacy’s Mom“) and Phoebe Cates is Octavius Rex’s grandmom, then what exactly does that make the relationship between Stacy and Octavius Rex?

Fun Fact #3:

“Stacy” is the name of, and he was named for, Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character in Fast Times At Ridgemont High! And now they are neighbors and potential competitors in the Game of Plover Park.


  1. Uncle and nephew, maybe?? This all has a very Shakespearian feel to it.

    I love Stacy and Tati. I think of them as the glamorous A-list Hollywood power couple that everyone wants to be!

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