America’s Bravest Duck: The Movie

When Kathy pulled yet another photo of a hapless duck hanging around an active Peregrine nest from our prey cams, I finally asked: is this a thing?

And now I know the answer. Yes, this is a thing. And I have the clip to prove it. It’s pretty unbelievable this duck decided to hop on the nest platform, right in the middle of the pair’s big kerfuffle with an intruder.

I never really believed the duck would get eaten. It’s not that Peregrines are not opportunistic; it just seems like a lot to have to stop incubating and then get it together quickly enough to go chase down some random duck when you’re not even hunting.

And now I can see that Jo Durt reacts precisely as I do every time I see this. Kind of like, “Wait… what? Was that a….?”

Lulz when the duck peeks in the igloo and quickens it waddle!

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